«Incontinence is a not taboo. Do not suffer in silence»

προστατεύστε τα μάτια σας
Protect your eyes from the sun
Δυσκοιλιότητα boehringer
Constipation must not be a taboo and can be treated
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«Incontinence is a not taboo. Do not suffer in silence»

  • TaskInformational Campaign

This  was the main message on which we based  the strategy of an information campaign on incontinence on  behalf of Johnson & Johnson. The challenge was to break the taboo of both  the people who suffer from incontinence and of families.

Our main purpose was to  inform both individuals suffering from incontinence and health professionals  Additionally, one of our main goals was to inform our targer grops  for the new method of treating it.

The goals were achieved successfully as the strategy was based on two main principles who not only educate the public and broke the taboo but also differentiated the method versus  the competition  and made it first in ranking.